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February 21st, 2011

We are all individuals

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When the government spent millions looking into the mergers of police forces in the UK a couple of years ago & then promptly abandoned the idea, I don’t think anyone believed the matter would simply lie.

So gradually, and by the back door, we are seeing mergers by a process of osmosis. Forces are banding together to share departments. We have some sharing traffic departments, some sharing scenes of crime, dogs, technology, purchasing. Gradually, √ā¬†department by department, well merge two or three forces into bigger forces & then tose will merge again until we have a national police force.

Thames Valley & Hampshire are just merging their IT departments. I’m surprised it’s taken so long to combine things like IT, uniform & vehicle fleets. There must be millions to be saved in bulk buying our vehicles, uniforms & IT.

I am still amazed that we use a command & control system (which is completely outdated BTW) which is different from the forces on our borders, meaning we can’t access each other’s incidents. Or that we drive different vehicles to the force next door. Or that the force next door still wears ties while the force the other side wear different coloured shirts to ours, and have different headgear. That’s three sets of uniforms from probably three different manufacturers.

I don’t really care what we drive, wear or see on our computer screens, but it would be nice to think that it was the best & that√ā¬†everybody√ā¬†else used it too.