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February 17th, 2011

99% couldn’t actually give a ****

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We have people employed to ring our ‘clients’ up & ask them what their experience of their police service was like. I’m guessing that every other force has something similar because there are apparently tables about ‘public satisfaction’ & the chiefs fight over each other to get to the top of the table.

I read some stats that we had really good satisfaction levels. I cannot believe they are so high, not judging with a lot of the people I deal with.

Part of the satisfaction stats involve asking people at the end of the call if they’ll take a survey. I can’t believe that most of the people who are completely disillusioned – rightly or wrongly – with the service they have received – are either offered the chance to tell us what they really think, or if they are offered the chance, actually bother to take it; they’re more likely to just slam the phone down & tell everyone else how fucking useless the police are. Just check out the comments section of the Daily Mail & Sun whenever there is a story about how hopeless we are.

I wonder how many of these bean counters will be losing their jobs in the cutbacks this year.