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February 14th, 2011

This man is a DRUG DEALER

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His name is Luke Walsh-Pinnock – such a posh name for a common druggie – and he is currently serving four years for dealing Class A drugs, heroin & cocaine, after police raided his flat & caught him in the act of cutting up half a kilo heroin. A safe in his flat was found to contain more heroin and cocaine.

He is trying to sue the Met Police for a breach of his human rights, after they notified his neighbours that he had been locked up for drug dealing. The met printed 1,500 leaflets & distributed them to the area of Kilbrun, West London, where Walsh-Pillock lived. The notice said “Individuals dealing drugs will be arrested and prosecuted, the above (Walsh-Pinnock) is a prime example of police intention.”

A friend of his mother is quoted as saying: “Luke’s been humiliated in his local community, which is against his human rights. We’ll take this to court. He’s a good boy who is kind to his family.” A bit like saying Hitler was kind because he stroked his dog.

Chief Superintendent Matthew Gardner said: “We constantly target offenders and put them before the courts but often local people don’t know what has been done. It is important that they are aware when criminals are put away and will no longer be blighting their communities.”