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February 12th, 2011

And is if by chance

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Today’s entry touches on yesterday’s & shows part of the reason why I never gave my DNA sample when I was a police officer and why I don’t agree that innocent people’s DNA records should be kept when they are not convicted of an offence; I simply don’t trust the authorities to keep my data safe.

Gwent Police are up in front of the Data Commissioner for breaches of the Data Protection Act when a member of staff emailed the results of 10,000 CRB checks to a journalist. The email with attached Exel spreadsheet was meant to go to colleagues within the police but one had a similar name to a journalist the staff member had previously emailed & the email software helpfully offered the journalist’s address in the autofill mode.

This is just one in a long & glittering record of stupidity which has lead to personal & private data being released. Laptops being ‘lost’ (GCHQ have a record of 35 laptops going missing), data sticks, CDs with all sorts of info being ‘lost in the post’.

I posted previously about misuse of intimate samples when one force illegally tested a blood sample for HIV & the prosecution inadvertently released the information during a trial about a witness in the case who did not know he had HIV & another case where someone’s family relationship to another person was revealed in court when the subject did not know of the relationship.

Is it really any wonder that many people don’t trust the government to keep secure data actually secure?