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February 6th, 2011

You couldn’t make it up

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One wonders what Inspector Jo Northmore was thinking when she went out on the piss last Sunday, or indeed if she was thinking at all.

News reports this weekend say that the City of London Inspector works at the force’s control room where she has a responsibility to make sure calls about anti-social behaviour are dealt with correctly.

She was stopped by two Met officers as she made her way home from a night on the piss. She was challenged by the officers for overturning a road sign but she refused to pick it up walked off being abusive.

The officers caught her up whereupon she refused to apologise issued further abuse. The good inspector was then arrested for public order offences carted off to the local custody suite.
Northmore was given an £80 fixed penalty ticket for being drunk disorderly.

The Sun reports that the next night she was appearing in photos on Facebook out with drunken friends at another nightclub.