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February 2nd, 2011

Family Silver

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As the cuts start to bite we’re seeing police stations closing & therefore the level of service to the public go down.

Senior officers & the talking heads the trawl out in front of the TV cameras will never admit that front line service provision ever suffers but it seems pretty straightforward to me, your local community has a police station which they can attend on a whole variety of matters at the time of their choosing & convenience. The opening hours are restricted so they must attend at particular times, sometimes only for a few hours a day, but the service to that community is not diminished.

Close the police station so there is no local service provision, anyone wanting to attend a police station must drive 15 miles to the nearest open one (if they’re lucky, it might be many more miles than that), but somehow service to the community is being maintained.

Sell the police station & the land it is on to a company who will end up making millions of pounds of profit afterwards. The force has a few million quid in the bank, that’s in the first year of a four year ‘austerity programme’ where we need to save tens of millions each year for those four years.

What are we going to sell next year, and in 2013 & in 2014?