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January 10th, 2011

‘kin scum

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I’ve mentioned many times on this blog about the scum who prey on society’s weakest & therefore easiest targets.

There can be few victims you want to see less than the elderly whose money & valuables have been plundered by the lowest dregs of society who live by a moral code so low it could crawl under an ant’s knackers with room to spare.

We had another one this week. Young teenage girl knocks on the door & tells the lady who answers – a women not far shot of 100 years old – that she has hurt her leg, can the lady get a tissue & a glass of water.

The lady goes to do just that & while her back is turned two blokes go through the front door, one goes upstairs & ransacks the bedroom stealing  jewellery & cash while the other goes to the living room & steals a purse from a handbag on the sideboard. The lady disturbs the man coming down the stairs as she is looking to help the teenager, he barges past her & walks out the door ignoring her request to answer what he is doing in her house.

On a related note, we locked up two males from the travelling fraternity before Christmas. They were convicted of 3 or 4 similar burglaries & suspected of many more. They got four years. There can’t be many more cases you will get more pleasure from than binning one of these utter scumbags.