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January 8th, 2011

It’s all about image

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Has your force gone over to the ‘paramilitary, oppressive & facist-like’ black uniforms?

It doesn’t look like the Met will be doing so any time soon, not since their chief made his views on the uniforms known. Speaking about the forthcoming Olympics & the appearance of his boys & girls in blue, Sir Paul Stephenson said: “I’m not awfully keen on ever-more paramilitary-type equipment on our streets. On occasions, we look paramilitary enough now. Frankly, that worries me. I want to continue to look like the British police officer whenever we can. It’s one of the reasons why I’m very passionate about continuing to make sure Met police officers look like Met police officers in white shirts, and not awfully keen on the move in other areas of the country towards different sorts of uniform that look more paramilitary.”

It’s probably why he doesn’t want his officers to be able to protect themselves with Taser & only allows the firearms units to have them. It wouldn’t do for officers to be able to defend themselves & others by having the right equipment if it makes them look bad.

I remember a visit to to Scotland some years ago, before the black uniforms were popular down here, and seeing Strathclyde officers walking about in black shirts, no ties. I  thought they just looked practical & wasn’t struck by how similar they looked to Oswald Mosely’s black shirts.

When the uniforms started to creep in down in England I thought they were far more practical & comfortable & fit for purpose. A shirt & tie is all well & good for attending the statistics meetings with the divisional management & sitting on your arse all day creating or digesting Exell spreadsheets, not so good for rolling around the High Street with a bunch of drunks.

But we wouldn’t want the public thinking we looked fit for purpose, or anything.