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January 7th, 2011

Google protecting privacy?

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I posted back in November last year about the case where a Google Street View car had possibly captured an image of someone who may have been responsible for the theft of the caravan shown in the image below.

It seems Derbyshire Police are having a little bit of a problem getting Google to assist with their investigations. Google can provide a copy of the original image they captured which shows the number plate of the car involved. They are refusing to do this unless the police get a court order. Google & supporters say that they shouldn’t be forced to release information willy nilly to any old police force trying to detect crime, while others say it is only right & sensible for Google to assist in the fight against crime.

Google have said: “It’s very important to Google and our users that we only provide information if valid process is followed, as laid down by governments in law. We have a team specifically trained to evaluate and respond to requests when they are received, and we will of course co-operate with police requests as long as they are legally valid and follow the correct processes.”

The investigating officer, PC Adrian Mason, said: “It is amazing that we have such a clear image of a man who we think will be able to give us information that would help the police enquiry. It was an amazing co-incidence that the Google Earth car was passing at that time. I’ve made extensive inquiries since the image was discovered but because the registration plate of the 4×4 is blanked out we have been unable to trace the man through his car. That is why we are appealing for the public’s help.”

Derbyshire Police are considering whether to apply for a court order to force Google to release the information.