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January 5th, 2011

Did you have a good Christmas?

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I had such a great set of rest days this week. It wasn’t that I did anything special, it was just that I wasn’t working.

At the moment any day not working is a good day. I managed to watch a couple of DVDs that I was given for Christmas. I chilled out on the computer shooting terrorists & Russians. I went shopping & bought a couple of things I didn’t need, but wanted. It was great.

It might have been that these were the first days off since the Christmas holiday. Tonight I was asked by someone I hadn’t seen for 3 weeks if I had a good Christmas. The answer I gave was quite truthful, “No, not really.” Christmas doesn’t mean the same to someone when it is just another day at work. They seemed genuinely surprised. I cut the conversation short before I got too depressed & we made plans to go to a pub quiz next week, on my next rest days.

I so love my days off. I wonder whether I am just going through a depressing patch or whether I really have had enough of the Constabulary. Thirty two years is a long time.

More often I find my mind wandering to what it would be like if I was working somewhere nine to five, weekends & bank holidays off, and whether I could get twenty-five grand by other, legal, means.

We got a letter this week from one of our insurance companies. One of our endowments is due to pay out in a few weeks time. We were led into the trap twenty five years ago where we were told if we took out an endowment, it would pay off the mortgage & leave us a handy surplus. We are quite lucky with this endowment, we will get a surplus, about £300 which and we still have to pay the full loan.

When this reared its head a few years ago, we went through all the complaints procedures ‘were you missold a mortgage?’ yes bloody right we were, will you do anything about it, will you bollocks.

Christmas, what a bloody depressing time of year.