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January 3rd, 2011

Meanwhile, in real life

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Silent Witness started a new season tonight.

I quite like the programme, in a light-entertainment, suspend disbelief kind of way. Just like most of the police procedural type programmes you have to sit back & go with the flow otherwise you spend the whole hour commenting ‘we don’t do it like that’ & ‘that would never happen’.

One such moment occurred in tonight’s episode. One of the central characters, completely out of the blue, fires a shotgun out of his bedroom window. A few minutes later, police officers are running round the target zone rescuing women & kids & getting everyone else out of harm’s way while the firearms squad are jumping out of the their vehicles whilst unpacking their sniper rifles.

The shooter then steps outside the front door, there is a tense moment as he surveys all the armed officers who tell him to put the weapon down. He slowly lifts his weapon & a firearms officer tells his snipe to shoot. The man goes down with blood oozing from 4 holes in his chest.

The daughter wonders why the police had to shoot him as he’d not actually killed or injured anyone. I’m sure I saw this script played out with a drunken lawyer in Chelsea not so long ago.

Anyway, police officers in the same street as a man with a gun before the episode had even finished, are you having a laugh BBC?