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January 1st, 2011

Credit Crunch Policing

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In an ideal working life, if you worked Christmas Day, you’d get New Year’s Eve off, and the following year yo’d work the opposite. thi8s would stop people having to work Christmas & New Year two years running.

The way it works in the police is that you can often work both for several years running. In theory, the way the shifts work, if you stayed on the same shift you could work seven Christmases in a row, then have two off then work seven more.

I managed to cop both again this year. There was a time when I thought if I cam back as a civvy I could choose many hours & have Christmases off, they don’t allow that round these parts. Still, if you can’t take a joke you shouldn’t have joined.

Bank holidays this year have seen a drastic cutting of staff, in this credit crunch era money has to be saved. Christmas & the new year saw us just scrape by. Lots of people didn’t get the service they expect or deserve. The stats that we ‘no longer keep’ dropped though the floor. The serious incidents normally dealt with by the specialists were dealt with by the front-line grunts. We got by through the skin of our teeth, mainly because nobody died. I dread to think how many people were hoping the wheel would come off just to show those who make the decisions that you can’t rely on good will & a following wind, the trouble with that is that someone probably has to die to show them. P

Some of us controllers were run ragged, again.

I haven’t checked the duties for next year, but pound to a penny I’ll be working again.