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December 30th, 2010

Happy New Year

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Tomorrow will see hundreds of thousands of people celebrating the new year by getting drunk. Thousands of these will cause general anti-social problems from simple raucous behaviour to criminal assaults & damage. Hundreds of them will inflict damage on other people or property which will have significant or life-altering effects.

Meanwhile, in Woburn Massachusetts hundreds, maybe thousands, of police officers, family & friends & concerned residents will be lining up to pay their respects at the funeral of  John “Jake” Maguire, a 60-year-old police officer who gave 34 years of service to his community. Officer Maguire was shot & killed during a robbery at a department store in the community he served on Boxing Day just gone. Hundreds of officers attended his wake today.

He is the first Woburn police officer to be killed in the line of duty and was the 165th officer in America to be killed this year. Two others have been shot & killed since Officer Maguire’s death.

You can see a report & video on the WCVB TV website.

A list of the officers killed in the USA can be seen at the Officer Down memorial Page