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December 24th, 2010

Xmas Scum

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Nice to see the Christmas spirit alive & well in Portsmouth this week.

A frail 97-year-old grandmother withdrew £400 from a cahspoint to buy her grandchildren & great-grandchildren some presents. She was stalked by a male & female scum-duo who followed her for 40 minutes before trying to snatch her purse as she shopped in a supermarket.

They failed to get the bag so they follwoed her from the store & distracted her by asking for directions. She later discovered they had stolen her purse containing £700 in cash. The loathsome pair them withdrew £500 from the lady’s bank account having found her PIN number in the bag.

The offenders are described as Asian or eastern European aged 25-40. Police have CCTV images of the couple & are appealing for information to identify them.

If they are anything like the purse snatchers who plague the town centres where I work, they are all eastern European, quite often Romanian, although those round these parts are usually female.