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December 17th, 2010

Down at the Old Bull & Bush

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Christmas comes but once a year (yet still manages to catch out the people who work out the staffing levels & leave). So another Christmas, another drink-drive campaign, or shold that be anti drink-drive campaign?

This usually involves breath testing everything that moves & filling in forms to say how many people you breath-tested today. It’s a way of showing someone, somewhere, who probably doesn’t actually care, that the police are trying to keep the roads safe, as if police officers would not breath test someone they thought was drink-driving at any other time of the year.

Anyway, the Greater Manchester Police have taken a fresh approach to their annual campaign this year by creating a website. It’s one of those light-hearted approaches to a serious message kind of things. They’ve created a ‘hotel’ where ‘guests’ can spend a night if they’re caught falling foul of a little too much of the hard stuff. The site has videos with real police officers (who apparently are thinking ‘why me boss’ & ruing the day they were on duty when corporate communications brought the handycam down.

You can discover what happens at the hotel by visiting GMP’s website for the Drunken Disorderly Inn.