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December 15th, 2010

No room at the Inn

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A police officer & PCSO have been stabbed during routine police work in London.

During a local operation on the transport network, they were checking bus passengers when it emerged one was wanted for a recall to prison. When he realised he was about to be arrested, the attacker pulled out a knife. A police officer was stabbed in the neck & has what is described as ‘life-threatening’ injuries. A PCSO was stabbed in the arm & has serious injuries which are not life-threatening.

A witness to the attack said: “What disturbed me most of all was the amount of blood on the pavement, it was clear that someone was very seriously injured.”

This is the sort of incident which police officers have to face every day, violent people armed with knives,  & no idea when or where someone will use it. The victims are the people the government are trying to take money away by denying pay rises & attempting to reduce their pensions. Although among the most serious of injuries, they will be but two police officers & staff who are injured every day of the year, simply going about their duties.

And the thug who did this is the sort of person that Kenneth Clarke is trying to keep out of prison.