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December 12th, 2010

Do you know this scum?

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So the Met have released photos of people wanted in connection with the ‘student’ protest riots this week, the fine looking ‘students’ above among them. I wouldn’t mind betting that these are the sort of people who will attend the opening of a drawer if it promised a bit of thuggery. I very much doubt that this week will be the first time they have indulged in a bit of violence.

If you fancy a laugh you can read what people who support people like the above have to say over at  A group so entrenched in their quest for justice & a better society by catching out the odd copper who lashes out at a perfectly innocent member of the public, that they fail to see anything wrong with threatening to torch police stations in retribution. This is a group who appear to see nothing wrong with pissing on the Cenotaph & ripping the flag down from a national memorial to the dead who gave up their lives so the people above could be free to have a bit of fun at the expense of the health & safety iof anyone who gets in their way.

Further laughs can be had at the FitWatch website, but take care lest the lack of brain cells & IQ of some of the people who comment on those sites rubs off on the casual browser.