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December 10th, 2010

Few Options

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Bugger me, I’m running out of people to vote for.

I have voted in every election, national & local, since I was 18. I kind of feel that a lot of people paid some high prices for what few rights I have to alter how the country is run so I’d better make good use of it. For 30 years I was a Labour voter but without raking over old, familiar ground, I finally decided I could support them no more, so I switched√ā¬†allegiance√ā¬†to the LibDems.

I was particularly impressed by their opposition to student fees. Being as I am a couple of years into what may be a 10 year or more period of having to support kids through university, it was pretty high on the agenda, given that the reason I am still working is so that I can pay towards their costs so that they are not laden with a debt the size of my first mortgage when I was a few years older than they’ll be when they leave uni.

I have no time for the thugs responsible for the trouble in London & elsewhere over the past few weeks. I fully support the right to demonstrate & protest. But I hope those who stepped way over the mark are rounded up & dealt with appropriately. I have lots of sympathy & support for everyone else there yesterday.

It’s amazing how one’s principles can so easily be cast aside when the smell of power is in the nostrils.

My√ā¬†dalliance√ā¬†with support for the LibDems hasn’t lasted long.