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December 9th, 2010

And another one

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Long-time readers will know of my√ā¬†general√ā¬†dislike√ā¬†& distrust of most senior police officers, borne out of thirty two years of working under them. There are some I√ā¬†respect√ā¬†greatly, but these are the exceptions.

So I rarely pass an opportunity to highlight stories of senior officers making a total arse of themselves. Step forward Superintendent Helen Chamberlain of Nottinghamshire Police who was clocked by one of her junior colleagues doing 79mpg in a 50mph limit.

Unfortunately, the PC who stopped her chose to let her off with a √ā¬†caution, even though she was doing nearly 30mph over the limit & well over the ACPO guidelines to be summonsed for the offence. One can only assume the officer felt under some pressure not to issue a ticket or summons, whether that pressure was enforced or perceived is anyone’s guess. May be there was some feeling of a need to offer what used to be called ‘professional courtesy’. On being stopped she allegedly said she didn’t realise she was doing 30mph over the limit and anyway that the speed limit was 60. I think anyone with a√ā¬†modicum of common driving sense knows very well when they are doing 30mph over the limit, sure we might drive at that speed deliberate or not but we bloody know it.

Anyway, news of the caution got back to the inspector who√ā¬†decided√ā¬†to review the decision & contacted CPS for advice. The advice was to prosecute so the Superintendent was summonsed.

One would have thought that having been caught by your own force exceeding the speed limit to such an extent would have been enough to embarass her to opt for a quick guilty plea & swallow her medicine with the least publicity. But no.

Supt Chamberlain pleaded not guilty at her first appearance, first sighting faulty speed detection equipment (that old chestnut) & when that failed she also tried the old ‘speed signs weren’t up to scratch’ ploy & finally questioning the process which led her force to reverse the original PC’s decision to caution.

Presumably, she received some sensible advice & changed her plea on the second appearance. She was issued 6 points & √ā¬£1500 in fines & costs. She avoided a ban citing that it would√ā¬†adversely√ā¬†affect her ability to do her job because of the number of miles she drives.

One wonders what hope the public have got in having any faith in their police if this is the level of officer leading the force.