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December 5th, 2010

Halcyon Days

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We were talking at work this week & someone said something that rang very true. It was one of those things that you kind of know but don’t verbalise it. She said, ‘nobody√ā¬†is happy at work any more’.

This comes as no surprise given everything that’s taken√ā¬†place√ā¬†in the control room, and further afield, in the last couple of years. I have known for some time that I’m not as happy at work as I used to be & I am reminded every day by others whose faces haven’t seen a smile for many a long month. And I notice all the stress round the room, usually in the form of raised voices, slammed down headsets or tears in the corridor. Two weeks ago I saw three different women crying in one shift, I have no idea whether it was caused by work-related problems or private/home life, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was work-related.

On nights, when it was quiet, we used to crack jokes, or have mini quizzes, people joining in or dropping out as the radio traffic on their channels allowed. You might find a few people chucking some kind of rubber stress ball or spongy advertising model from the Police Mutual Assurance Society, or Tracker or √ā¬†NPIA (National Policing Improvement Agency) at each other.√ā¬†Somebody√ā¬†might be singing to themself. People looked forward to coming to work.

It struck me that none of us have been out for a drink together for over two years. Times were, not that long ago, where maybe 30-40% of the shift would pick a town & go out for the night. We’ve been known to meet up for an Indian, or to go to a comedy club. People’s birthdays usually found us in some restaurant or pub.

The Christmas ‘do’ was always something we looked forward to; a chance to let your hair down, get pissed with your mates, dress up & have a laugh. This will be the third Christmas running we’ve not had a group do.

I don’t suppose there is any chance whatsoever of things improving.