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December 4th, 2010

It’s a question of trust

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I’ve got around 32 years in the job. All but the last few years of it was on the front line, dealing with calls very similar to those I send you to now, every day.

When I send you to a job, I trust you to get there & deal with it professionally. I am there to help you should you need my help, in many ways, some of which I don’t need to do but I do it anyway because I know it makes your job easier. I trust you to deal with the job & I’ll give you sufficient time to deal with it. I won’t question your judgement & will allow you to make your calls without interference.

In return I expect you to trust me to do my job. If I think you need specific information, I will try to find out that information before you ask for it. I agree that some of this information should be available before I send you & in an ideal world it would be. But if I send you & tell you straight off the bat that the information isn’t available & I will update you as & when it becomes available, I expect you to trust me that I will do exactly that, and to know that not telling you within 20 seconds is an acknowledgement that the information isn’t yet available.

For sake of illustration, let’s say I’m sending you to a job with a suspect but I don’t yet know what the suspect’s description is, though it could be any specific piece of info that makes your job easier. There is no benefit to anyone (except a few seconds of my time & saving my voice for said time) for me in keeping the description a secret. It won’t help the victim if I keep the description a secret, it won’t help you find him if I keep his description secret & it won’t make me look very efficient or even competent of I keep it a secret. So I won’t keep it a secret. If I don’t tell you it’s because I don’t know.

If I don’t know the description, I will be asking the call-taker whether one is available or not (sadly, though I am asking for your trust in me, experience shows that I cannot have the same trust in some call-takers as I have had many experiences where a description was available but either it was not typed on the log or the call-taker did not ask for it).

There may be good reasons why a description is not available; it might not be the eye-witness who is calling the job in, they may not have seen the offender, the telephone line may have cut out during the call, the caller may have hung up, they may be too upset or traumatised, they may not be able to speak because the offender has returned, and yes, they may not have been asked. However, I will have asked the call-taker & to do so might take a little time because they are not sitting next to me.

So if I tell you there is no description yet & if one becomes available, please trust me that I will tell you as soon as I know, either way.

Don’t spend the next 10 minutes while you should be concentrating on getting to the job, asking me the same fucking question 4 times because while I am busy giving you the same answer I gave on the previous 3 times, I’m not reading the log for further info, I’m not talking to other units to task them where to go & search, I’m not asking the call-taker to get a description, I’m not checking the location on the mapping system to work out potential escape routes, I’m not trying to get specialist officers to you (dogs, firearms, scenes of crime, CID) & I’m not ringing any other witnesses to try & get info to help you when you arrive.

It’s a question of trust.