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December 2nd, 2010

Over the Pond-Life

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schultzThis week sees another American entry into the 200 Weeks ‘Scum of the Week’.

In Gloucester Township, New Jersey, this week police tracked down a robbery suspect. He was chased by Police Dog Schultz who tried to√ā¬†apprehend√ā¬†him.

Schultz, a 3 1/2 year old German Shepherd, latched on to the suspects arm after tracking him for half a mile from a robbery at a restaurant. He was found hiding in bushes next to a highway. The suspect then √ā¬†threw the dog into the path of oncoming traffic on the highway where it was struck & killed. The suspect then made off, he was subsequently arrested & charged with a robbery & inflicting harm on a law enforcement animal.

Cpl Mark Pickard’s wife said of the K-9 officer: “He’s a mess. I wouldn’t expect him not to be,” she said. “Everyone knows my husband as the guy out in his yard playing with his dog.”

Police began mourning Schultz Tuesday night when they lined up outside the veterinary clinic waiting for Pickard to carry him in.

A memorial service has been scheduled for next Thursday.