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November 28th, 2010

Winter numpties

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It makes me laugh sometimes how people go out in the freezing cold without a coat. It must be a generational thing, possibly the same thing that makes people think they look cool smoking a fag. Maybe I just have an inbuilt leaning towards comfort having suffered many childhood & teenage years being told to make sure I wore wear a vest when I went out any time after August & before July.

We spent a couple of hours searching round for some guys who went out for a few beers to the town centre & thought it would be a good idea to rob an iPhone off someone on their way home. They were seen on CCTV getting into a taxi. We happened to have officers round the corner who picked up the taxi. It was stopped between 2 towns out in a fairly rural area.

The occupants decided to leg it as soon as the taxi stopped, the officers caught one each but the other two got away.

We got a dog on scene who managed to pick up a track which lead to a motorway. They’d probably run across the motorway to escape.

Half an hour later we caught a third male. Then about 90 minutes after that one of the patrols came across someone walking along a remote road wearing just a white short sleeved t-shirt. It must have been about minus 4. It would have served him right just to drive past him & let him walk for another hour or two, but he was strangely thankful when he got nicked, and so were we when we found the stolen iPhone in his back pocket.