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November 25th, 2010

Spaghetti hypocrisy

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Over the last few weeks I’ve mentioned several times the dual standards involved in senior officers commenting, or not, on alleged & actual transgressions by officers in their own force, dependant on what rank the ‘transgressor’ is.

Another occasion  rears its head today with news that the Chief Constable of North Yorkshire, Graham Maxwell and his deputy Adam Briggs, will be up on a charge of gross misconduct. It’s alleged that they used their position to circumvent normal recruitment procedures for relatives applying for jobs within their force. Two other members of staff have been dismissed.

Last winter the force advertised 60 jobs & were swamped with 300,000 applications. The officers were investigated by another force & the IPCC who have recommended the gross misconduct charges.

North Yorkshire Police have said: “The individuals in question have a right of appeal. For that reason, it would not be appropriate to make any further comment at this time.”

Hmm, I recall that Sgt Mark Andrews had the right of appeal when he was convicted of assaulting a female down the cell block, this didn’t stop his force calling him a “disgrace” to the uniform.

One rule for one the plebs & another for the top brass.