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November 23rd, 2010

Unusual Scum of the Week

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The latest entry into the 200Weeks Scum of the Week Hall of Fame comes from an unusual source.

Twenty-nine-year-old Simon Rogers is an ex-paratrooper. He left his position as a corporal in the Second Battalion Parachute Regiment in 2008 after a suspected heart attack made him unfit for duties. Prior to leaving he was left back at base while his mates went off to fight in Afghanistan. While they were away Rogers stole their Iraq & Afghanistan medals & flogged them on eBay for a few hundred quid each. He also stole explosives, detonators, ammunition & equipment which was found when his home was searched  by Ministry of Defence Police.

He was jailed at Northampton Crown Court for three years.

When I read the story today I was reminded of the excellent ‘Accused‘ series which featured  the tale of a group of Soldiers in Afghanistan & was on the BBC only last night, how good was McKenzie Crook, one can only imagine how he’d have dealt with Mr Rogers.