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November 17th, 2010

Well, that worked

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So the Met got the Fitwatch website taken down. That was a resounding success, not.

Fitwatch are an organisation dedicated to exposing what they say is intrusive police surveillance of protesters by the Metropolitan Police’s Forward Intelligence Teams. Fitwatch send representatives of their own to various protests & film the police filming them or protestors. Watching one of their films must be like looking into a mirror which is being held up to a mirror looking into the reflection of the reflection of the reflection, ad infinitum.

They posted the violent thug protester’s guide to avoiding arrest after a protest this week, following the police search for the offenders who broke various laws & property at the recent student demo in London.

Such gems as ‘don’t hand yourself in’, ‘throw away any clothes you were wearing’ & ‘grow a beard & wear dark glasses’, were posted on their website.

The Met took exception to this & contacted the website’s service provider asking them to take the website down on the grounds that the advice being given could be seen as an attempt to pervert the course of justice. The hosting provider duly took the website down.

I’m not sure the Met really understood the implications of this. As a result, Fitwatch have got more publicity than they’ve ever had, thousands of people all over the ‘net have reposted the information they had posted & Fitwatch merely went to another service provider & reloaded their website which is up & running in exactly the same format with the same information. The story appeared on the main TV news today garnering much publicity for a previously little-known  outfit which must be lapping up all the attention.

It seems to have had quite the opposite effect to that intended by the Met.