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November 1st, 2010

Deafening Silences

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Hands up, those who have heard of the case this week involving two met officers, Pc Colin Hutton and Pc Vincent Turner?

Hmm, I don’t see many hands, must try harder.

The officers were praised in court last week after they chased a violent thug who fired shots at them with a 9mm pistol. The officers had approached 21-year-old Callum Hall after he allegedly threatened a young mother at gunpoint for money in front of her young children. He made off & the officers chased him through crowded streets near Southwark Tube Station. In footage from the BBC website, members of the public can be seen ducking for cover or running into cafe’s to get away from the incident.

Judge Brian Barker said: “Their devotion to duty when under fire and afterwards was of the highest order. London is fortunate to be protected by officers of that quality and they deserve to be commended.”

This is the kind of action carried out by police officers up & down the country day in, day out, i.e. running towards the action when others are running away.

Strangely, there don’t appear to be any quotes from any police senior officers extolling the actions of the officers in this case, which really comes as little surprise.