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October 30th, 2010

Right or wrong, you be the judge

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“It would be inappropriate to comment further at this time,” so says Supt. Mike Shaw of Merseyside Police following the current trial by Youtube incident which appeared in the news yesterday.

CCTV footage shows 31-year-old Darren Grace sitting on the grass in the park while officers with first aid kits try to offer assistance with a wound he appears to have. The footage shows the man shouting to someone off camera & then cuts to him on all fours while the officers are trying to grab hold of him, he can then be seen wrapping his arms around an officers thigh & pulling him to the ground. The officer whose leg he has hold of then apparently punches him several times, presumably in an effort to get him to release his leg. I think if someone appeared to be trying to hurt me, I’d punch him as many times as it would take to get him to release his grip on me, & would be justified in so doing.

The police have said the CCTV footage doesn’t tell the whole story & merely says that Grace turned violent. We are left wondering what happened whilst the CCTV cut away from the officers, who clearly don’t appear to be doing anything other than trying to help until things turned nasty, the officers are crouching beside the man, getting wound packs from the first aid kit. Why does the footage which appears to come from a CCTV camera but is branded with the Liverpool Echo logo, appear to miss some action. One has to ask whether something has been cut which may lessen the impact of the story? If it included damning evidence of police brutality, it would have been shown.

As per, the local police hierarchy, who are usually quick to damn officers before the conclusion of any investigation or trial, do little to support officers when the boot is on the other foot, hiding behind the ‘inappropriate to comment’ screen. Inappropriate, unless criticising officers would look good in the wider public arena.

You can check out the footage on the Liverpool Echo’s website, but remember, it is inappropriate to comment until Max Clifford has delivered his views on the subject – yes, news reports yesterday that Darren Grace has not made any complaint, refused to assist the police wit their investigation & approached Max Clifford to get as much cash as he can from the incident.

And yes, I don’t know the full circumstances, but neither does the Liverpool Echo, and yes, I am biased.