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October 26th, 2010

That’s alright, then

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So the SAS are to train some UK police officers in how to deal with a dozen or so√ā¬†heavily√ā¬†armed terrorists walking the streets & killing as many people as possible.

Apparently, Europe has been put on notice that Al-Quaeda terrorists are planning a Mumbai-style attack on the streets of a major city. In the first 30 minutes of the attack in India 166 people were killed.

Europe is made up of many countries so the√ā¬†likelihood√ā¬†of terrorists choosing the UK is slim. I mean, not that the UK has done anything to get on the wrong side of Muslim terrorists, nor that it would be remotely easier to launch a fully armed attack in the only country where the police are unarmed. Hmm, now where would you launch an attack?

The first paragraph of the sory in today’s Telegraph says: “Analysis has shown that the SAS would not make it onto the scene in time to prevent most of the deaths if terrorists launched a commando-style shooting spree in a major British city.”

Well, guess what? the piddling amount of armed police we have would not make it onto the scene in time to prevent most of the deaths, either. We can’t deal with √ā¬†a single man rumoured to have access to a knife without sending a pair of armed officers halfway across the county whilst telling all the other officers to stay well clear until the armed officers get there, and then farting around for 4 hours while all the protocol documents are gone through to make sure√ā¬†nobody’s√ā¬†gonna get sued.

I’m not sure what training the SAS can provide which will make the slightest difference to how many UK residents are shot dead if the inevitable happens.