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October 23rd, 2010

Worrying Times

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Now that the figures for the financial√ā¬†cuts√ā¬†are√ā¬†starting√ā¬†to filter through to front-line staff, the rumours begin about the way that forces will be trimming their budgets. Actually, trimming is the wrong word, it will be quite a swinging cut; twenty per cent of the funding for police forces is being wiped off the books in a way which will tax the best brains (and those who run the police forces), to find ever more creative ways to cut the bills.

Since over 80 per cent of funding goes on wages, it’s clear that many people will be losing out. Which department will suffer the most enforced redundancies? Can natural wastage√ā¬†supersede√ā¬†sackings? Talk is rife that they will change our contracts so that they can cut our wages. Figures of six or seven thousand a year off the√ā¬†salary√ā¬†by jiggling working hours can be heard across the control room & in the canteen. Yesterday I spoke to 3 people on my shift alone who said if the contracts were changed & they lost as much as this they would not be able to afford their mortgages & would be forced to look for alternative employment. One is looking for another job now in the hope of jumping ship before a wage cut bites. The trouble is, where can you find a job of an equal√ā¬†salary√ā¬†when everyone is doing the same?

We’ll have to see what the force comes up with in a few months time but things are not looking too good for thousands & thousands of us who are being forced to pay for someone else’s cock-up.

Still, look at the bright side, at least if they drop my salary by a few grand they won’t be able to take away my child tax credits.