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October 19th, 2010

Tormented Lives

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I’ve just watched ‘Tormented Lives’ on the BBC.

It’s a programme about the suffering of families who have someone with a disability & how they suffer at the hands of the generally terminally stupid, uneducated slugs so often to be found on the council estates up and down the land. That’s not to say everyone on a council estate is a thick scum-bucket with nothing better to do with their lives than infest the lives of decent folk with their pond-life ethics, just that everyone who exhibits that kind of behaviour seems to derive from that ilk.

I’m not a man given to tears, but I will stand up here & now and say I was as close to tears watching that programme as I have been in many a long while. I’ve done 30 years in the police & a further 2 as a police civvy, 27-ish of those years were on the streets, so you’d think I was inured to the things that happen at the bottom of the barrel.

The programme features a man called Christopher, who suffers from learning difficulties brought on by the condition of  hydrocephalus, or ‘water on the brain’ which gives him enlarged head & facial features. He’s 47 & has been abused, insulted & victimised since he was a young child. he lives alone in an old folks home on the south coast because the council can’t find anywhere more suitable for him.

Watching his story unfold, among several other victims, throughout the documentary was enough to make anyone cry. A man who clearly has so much to give but whom society has let down time & time again. A man who, despite his condition, has obvious talents that nobody is prepared to accept because they can’t look beyond the visual.

I shouldn’t be shocked at the behaviour of those who blight disabled people’s lives day in & day out, yet somehow I was. Seeing the footage of rodent teenagers stoning a family’s car, house & windows, repeatedly, because one of the children has cerebral palsy was enough to make me want to leave a few of them at the bottom of an alley beaten within an inch of their lives to show them what it’s like to be a give-ee rather than a give-or. Fucking scum.

Time & again we hear that the police can’t do anything because there is no evidence. This is broadly true, but with a bit of time, effort & the will to investigate thoroughly, I doubt there are many cases which can’t be solved. It just takes more time, effort & money than nicking someone for possession of a bit of weed or taking someone’s car off them for no insurance. It’s people like the victims of disability hate that we really ought to be helping. This will not change while the people who run the policing show are focused on easy arrests, ANPR & detection rates.

Christopher got taken on as a volunteer to look after a charity’s computers at the end of the programme. I hope his life improves.

You can catch the show on the BBC iPlayer for the next seven days. The people who should watch it are the very people who never will.