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October 16th, 2010

Not more?

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Just when you thought you’d heard the last of the disgraced little shite, former met Commander & all-round system-player & bully, Ali Dizaei makes the√ā¬†news√ā¬†again.

Dizaei was jailed for four years for corruption√ā¬†after√ā¬†assaulting & attempting to frame an innocent man following the man’s attempt to get Dizaei to stump up √ā¬£600 for work he had done on Dizaei’s self-promoting website.

Following his conviction the prosecution has applied for costs. The prosecution felt there were grounds for Dizaei to cough up the √ā¬£64,000 for their costs in the four week trial. Dizaei was on a salary of √ā¬£90,000 a year & thought to possess all or a share in 3 homes worth around √ā¬£1million.

Despite this, the court heard from his legal team (which included Michael Mansfield, who can charge up to √ā¬£2,000 a day) that he was virtually penniless & could not afford to pay any√ā¬†prosecutions√ā¬†costs.

The court judged that he should pay a pitiful √ā¬£750, and gave him four months to pay.

It seems that someone who has built a career on shafting people has been able to do it once again.