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October 11th, 2010


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Have you ever needed to do something creative but were absolutely stuck & couldn’t move forward, the creative juices apparently dried up? The more you try to get something going the harder it seems.

I’ve just checked the comments from the last couple of blog entries, had a quick look around Google to see if anything catches my eye, checked out Planet Police to see what other police bloggers are talking about & tried to recall a story from my own personal history of policing.


It might have something to do with being on leave for a week & having left the dismal world of the police control room behind, that & the sense of impending doom on returning to work tomorrow. I know tonight is going to be soooo depressing knowing that a break from work is coming to a close. And I won’t have any more leave until next year.

Which reminds me, I must put in for some holiday. I’m not very well organised both at work & at home. I tend to put off until tomorrow what I can do today but annual leave is such a cut-throat business, I’ve probably missed out on all the good dates next year.

Anyway, enough meaningless rambling, I think I’ll go & take a walk over the town & listen to some iPod music.