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October 4th, 2010

Fairness for all, hurrah!

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Looks like me & Mrs Weeks are gonna lose our child benefits as I’m just over the £44,000 level & classed as a high earner, apparently.

It’s the new system to introduce ‘fairness’ into the benefits system. Apparently it’s going to stop lower earners subsidising my kids’ benefit but seems to forget that as a higher earner & higher rate tax payer (I’m currently paying 40% on my pension despite the fact that only a small proportion on my pension takes me over £44,00 – yes I am waiting to get a letter  when they finally get round to adjusting things), I’m probably just subsidising my own child benfit

The cut will be for anyone earning over £44,000 but does not apply to families with a combined income over £44,000 so a couple earning £83,000 will get child benefits & a couple, like myself whose wife does not work because we felt the best future for our children was to have a mother at home looking after them for 18 years, will lose nearly £2,000 a year.

So a family earning £44,000 ‘doesn’t need’ the extra income of child benfits but a family earning £83,000 does.

And that’s fair?

How fucking difficult can it be to create a system which actually is fair?