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October 2nd, 2010

The wrong target

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It seems another ex-police officer committed suicide this week.

Pete Boatman served his time & was instrumental in personal protection training for many years. He trained thousands of officers in how to protect themselves with little more than a baton. He became so involved in this training that he visited many forces training trainers.

When he ended his career he continued his quest for officer safety by starting a company which was instrumental in bringing Taser to the UK. His company, Pro-tect, was the only company licenced to import & supply Tasers. His company offered Northumbria Police a new Taser system which wasn’t yet licenced for use in the UK. It was a system which basically combined a hand-held Taser with a shotgun meaning officers could deploy the Taser from a safer distance from the target. Officers deployed it split-seconds after Raoul Moat blew his head off.

The government withdrew Pro-tect’s licence last week, for supplying the unlicenced Taser. This appears to have had a devastating effect on Pete Boatman who was found dead in his home.

On the Northampton Chronicle web page someone said: “Another victim of the vile Raoul Moat. The man declared war on the police and would probably have cared little for anybody caught in the crossfire. He went on the run for a week and in that time officers and members of the public were in great danger from him. Tools were supplied to prevent further death or injury in breach of policy. However, these weapons (non lethal weapons) were supplied in good faith and with good intention. By a man who devoted his life to ensuring that officers were trained and equipped to be able to be able to properly serve the community. Rest in peace Pete, you will not be forgotten.”

Another commented: “I think the Conservative party should hang its head in shame over this tragedy. If Moat had have been safely arrested then Pro-Tech Systems would have been applauded in the Commons by Theresa May and her colleagues. I am sure Mr Boatman’s motive for supplying the Tasers was to try to prevent an unnecessary death. My sympathy goes out to his family.”

There was no comment on whether the chief constable of Northumbria or the senior officers in charge of the investigation had been sacked for allowing the use of the Taser