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October 1st, 2010

Trouble at ‘mill

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So new Home Secretary, Theresa May, has announced a root & branch review of police pay & conditions. She says: “By bringing modern management practices to the police, this review will help ensure chief constables can deliver the front-line services people want, while providing the value for money that is so vital in the tough economic times we face.”

This is, of course, complete bollocks. It is about one thing & one thing only, saving money. As much as possible.

There’s talk of doing away with bonus payments, reducing overtime payments, cutting pay for the minimal amount of employees – front line staff – who have to spend Christmas Day, often for several years running, away from their families. Reducing payments when their days off are cancelled at short notice. Most of these changes will only affect front line officers, the ones who are the most deserving of any benefits which pertain to the service; I can’t recall the last time someone in the logistics office was forced to stay at work an extra 4 hours with no notice, or was told they’d have to forgo the £92 theatre tickets they booked a year ago because their day off next week was cancelled (& no you can’t claim back for financial loss due to the 9-5ers’ inability to staff the emergency services adequately).

We’ll see what happens with this review & it will be interesting to note how many of the people I spoke of just yesterday are affected by any changes. I have an inkling it will be the likes of those of us who have to work 24-hour shifts that lose out, again.

Still, at least we’ll have the right to strike, eh?