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October 31st, 2010

American Scum of the Week

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My thanks to a reader who pointed me towards a new entry into the “200 Weeks Scum of the Week Hall of Fame“.

Step forward Jennifer Petkov who currently suffers the hate of America for taunting the family of a 7-year-old neighbour who is dying of an incurable disease. And it even has a Halloween twist.

October 30th, 2010

Right or wrong, you be the judge

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“It would be inappropriate to comment further at this time,” so says Supt. Mike Shaw of Merseyside Police following the current trial by Youtube incident which appeared in the news yesterday.

CCTV footage shows 31-year-old Darren Grace sitting on the grass in the park while officers with first aid kits try to offer assistance with a wound he appears to have. The footage shows the man shouting to someone off camera & then cuts to him on all fours while the officers are trying to grab hold of him, he can then be seen wrapping his arms around an officers thigh & pulling him to the ground. The officer whose leg he has hold of then apparently punches him several times, presumably in an effort to get him to release his leg. I think if someone appeared to be trying to hurt me, I’d punch him as many times as it would take to get him to release his grip on me, & would be justified in so doing.

The police have said the CCTV footage doesn’t tell the whole story & merely says that Grace turned violent. We are left wondering what happened whilst the CCTV cut away from the officers, who clearly don’t appear to be doing anything other than trying to help until things turned nasty, the officers are crouching beside the man, getting wound packs from the first aid kit. Why does the footage which appears to come from a CCTV camera but is branded with the Liverpool Echo logo, appear to miss some action. One has to ask whether something has been cut which may lessen the impact of the story? If it included damning evidence of police brutality, it would have been shown.

As per, the local police hierarchy, who are usually quick to damn officers before the conclusion of any investigation or trial, do little to support officers when the boot is on the other foot, hiding behind the ‘inappropriate to comment’ screen. Inappropriate, unless criticising officers would look good in the wider public arena.

You can check out the footage on the Liverpool Echo’s website, but remember, it is inappropriate to comment until Max Clifford has delivered his views on the subject – yes, news reports yesterday that Darren Grace has not made any complaint, refused to assist the police wit their investigation & approached Max Clifford to get as much cash as he can from the incident.

And yes, I don’t know the full circumstances, but neither does the Liverpool Echo, and yes, I am biased.

October 29th, 2010

Same old, same old

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halloween-pumpkinAh, Halloween weekend.

One of the days in the year when we have leave banned, not that getting leave on most other days is much easier. Doubtless the little scamps throughout every town in the area will be out on the streets, joshing with their neighbours, (you NEVER go trick or treating to people you don’t know, right kids?) & filling up their little Halloween bags with nice wholesome pieces of fruit, some sweeties & the odd small denomination coin or two.

Or we might have another chaotic weekend of assaults & criminal damage caused by the usual suspects whose parents have neither a clue nor a care about what their offspring get up to most nights of the year.

October 28th, 2010

Smokers beware!

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Jackson County Sheriff’s Department in Georgia, USA has converted 63 police vehicles into hybrid cars running partially on propane. This saves the department  $150,000 a year in fuel costs.

Sheriff Deputy Gary Cox was on patrol recently when he decided to light up a cigarette whilst at the wheel. Unbeknown to the deputy, propane had leaked into the passenger compartment of the car which promptly exploded, forcing the officer to jump out of the vehicle whilst it was travelling at 50mph.

You can see a video news report at the PoliceOne website.

Meanwhile, Jackson County are converting their cars back to petrol & banning smoking in their police cars.

October 27th, 2010

He won’t do that again

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WARNING: Don’t watch if the sight of people fleeing police in high speed chases & being thrown out of the car & getting run over when it crashes , upsets you.

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October 26th, 2010

That’s alright, then

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So the SAS are to train some UK police officers in how to deal with a dozen or so heavily armed terrorists walking the streets & killing as many people as possible.

Apparently, Europe has been put on notice that Al-Quaeda terrorists are planning a Mumbai-style attack on the streets of a major city. In the first 30 minutes of the attack in India 166 people were killed.

Europe is made up of many countries so the likelihood of terrorists choosing the UK is slim. I mean, not that the UK has done anything to get on the wrong side of Muslim terrorists, nor that it would be remotely easier to launch a fully armed attack in the only country where the police are unarmed. Hmm, now where would you launch an attack?

The first paragraph of the sory in today’s Telegraph says: “Analysis has shown that the SAS would not make it onto the scene in time to prevent most of the deaths if terrorists launched a commando-style shooting spree in a major British city.”

Well, guess what? the piddling amount of armed police we have would not make it onto the scene in time to prevent most of the deaths, either. We can’t deal with  a single man rumoured to have access to a knife without sending a pair of armed officers halfway across the county whilst telling all the other officers to stay well clear until the armed officers get there, and then farting around for 4 hours while all the protocol documents are gone through to make sure nobody’s gonna get sued.

I’m not sure what training the SAS can provide which will make the slightest difference to how many UK residents are shot dead if the inevitable happens.

October 25th, 2010

And the Bravery Award goes to…

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The latest craze amongst scum teenagers in Northampton is the fantastic & exciting sport of kicking  pensioners’ walking sticks away, while they are using them.

News today of a case where a 101-year-old man was walking through a sheltered accommodation complex when his stick was kicked away. He remonstrated with the oxygen-thieves responsible for this brave act, who then fearlessly assaulted him by pushing him in the back so that he fell to the ground. The pensioner suffered a swollen nose & cuts to his wrist, arm & face.

Surely, a prime entry into the 200 Weeks Scum of the Week Award.

October 24th, 2010

Six figure settlement

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After the following footage went public, the officer concerned was fired & the other party received compensation. He had pursued her for 8 miles before she eventually decided to stop.

Footage is from South Carolina.

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October 23rd, 2010

Worrying Times

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Now that the figures for the financial cuts are starting to filter through to front-line staff, the rumours begin about the way that forces will be trimming their budgets. Actually, trimming is the wrong word, it will be quite a swinging cut; twenty per cent of the funding for police forces is being wiped off the books in a way which will tax the best brains (and those who run the police forces), to find ever more creative ways to cut the bills.

Since over 80 per cent of funding goes on wages, it’s clear that many people will be losing out. Which department will suffer the most enforced redundancies? Can natural wastage supersede sackings? Talk is rife that they will change our contracts so that they can cut our wages. Figures of six or seven thousand a year off the salary by jiggling working hours can be heard across the control room & in the canteen. Yesterday I spoke to 3 people on my shift alone who said if the contracts were changed & they lost as much as this they would not be able to afford their mortgages & would be forced to look for alternative employment. One is looking for another job now in the hope of jumping ship before a wage cut bites. The trouble is, where can you find a job of an equal salary when everyone is doing the same?

We’ll have to see what the force comes up with in a few months time but things are not looking too good for thousands & thousands of us who are being forced to pay for someone else’s cock-up.

Still, look at the bright side, at least if they drop my salary by a few grand they won’t be able to take away my child tax credits.

October 22nd, 2010

Two more for the list

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Regular readers will know of my glee when super-rich footballers drop the occasional bollock.

Good news then for two Premiership players finding themselves on the wrong end of the old bill.

Newcastle striker Andy Carroll had his chrome-plated Range Rover set ablaze on a team mate’s driveway. Carroll is staying with his pal as part of his bail conditions having been charged this week with assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

Meanwhile, West Ham’s Manuel da Costa has been arrested & bailed following an allegation of sexual & common assault at an Ilford nightclub earlier this week.

October 21st, 2010

Welcome to the Marie Celeste

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That’s what it feels like round these parts sometimes.

We’re supposed to be double-crewed on the radio channels. If you are below minimum strength you can’t get leave or time off, minimum strength isn’t sufficient to double crew all the channels but it sure as hell includes most of them being sufficiently staffed.

It kind of begs the question of how come they can allow the staff numbers so low that 90% of the channels are single-crewed.

This is fine when nothing is happening. The problem comes when something does happen. One controller is expected to do all the radio work, update the logs, ring other staff,  make the various telephone enquiries which inevitably follow on from anything serious or complicated.

No problem, say the people in charge of getting things right. If one channel is busy, just send the co-pilot from a quieter channel to help out.

Which again is fine in theory – when you have co-pilots.

When there is no resilience, the only alternative is to close one of the radio channels & move the controller over to help out then   get another controller to monitor 2 radio channels.

Simples. Everybody wins. Except the two sets of officers who get a reduced service as they only have half a controller instead of two each. And the controller who probably had some added stress through being single-crewed anyway but now has two divisions to cover with double the jobs, radio traffic & telephone calls.

And things will get worse when they start shedding  jobs, except the calls for service will go up, the more unemployed there are.

October 20th, 2010

Still tormented

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I make no apology for posting further on yesterday’s post; it is one of those posts which really appears to have touched people.

I normally get around 500 visitors a day, today I have over 800 & I suspect quite a lot of those are finding 200weeks as a direct result of doing an online search for the programme. If you put ‘tormeneted lives Christopher’ into Google you’ll come up with a link here.

It’s also generated more comments than I usually get on a blog, which shows how powerfully people have been affected by the show. It seems it’s being talked about in the strangest of places. Most of the direct links to my blog entry came from a forum dedicated to House Price Crashes. Another site, but with a very different view to most sensible people, discussing the issue is the David Icke Forums, you know the guy, the ex goalkeeper-BBC Sports Presenter-cum-fucking loony who thinks the earth is run by lizard-people. Apparently, they think the whole programme was a conspiracy staffed by people who were clearly actors in order to make the masses even more subservient to their political masters. What a bunch of tossers.

October 19th, 2010

Tormented Lives

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I’ve just watched ‘Tormented Lives’ on the BBC.

It’s a programme about the suffering of families who have someone with a disability & how they suffer at the hands of the generally terminally stupid, uneducated slugs so often to be found on the council estates up and down the land. That’s not to say everyone on a council estate is a thick scum-bucket with nothing better to do with their lives than infest the lives of decent folk with their pond-life ethics, just that everyone who exhibits that kind of behaviour seems to derive from that ilk.

I’m not a man given to tears, but I will stand up here & now and say I was as close to tears watching that programme as I have been in many a long while. I’ve done 30 years in the police & a further 2 as a police civvy, 27-ish of those years were on the streets, so you’d think I was inured to the things that happen at the bottom of the barrel.

The programme features a man called Christopher, who suffers from learning difficulties brought on by the condition of  hydrocephalus, or ‘water on the brain’ which gives him enlarged head & facial features. He’s 47 & has been abused, insulted & victimised since he was a young child. he lives alone in an old folks home on the south coast because the council can’t find anywhere more suitable for him.

Watching his story unfold, among several other victims, throughout the documentary was enough to make anyone cry. A man who clearly has so much to give but whom society has let down time & time again. A man who, despite his condition, has obvious talents that nobody is prepared to accept because they can’t look beyond the visual.

I shouldn’t be shocked at the behaviour of those who blight disabled people’s lives day in & day out, yet somehow I was. Seeing the footage of rodent teenagers stoning a family’s car, house & windows, repeatedly, because one of the children has cerebral palsy was enough to make me want to leave a few of them at the bottom of an alley beaten within an inch of their lives to show them what it’s like to be a give-ee rather than a give-or. Fucking scum.

Time & again we hear that the police can’t do anything because there is no evidence. This is broadly true, but with a bit of time, effort & the will to investigate thoroughly, I doubt there are many cases which can’t be solved. It just takes more time, effort & money than nicking someone for possession of a bit of weed or taking someone’s car off them for no insurance. It’s people like the victims of disability hate that we really ought to be helping. This will not change while the people who run the policing show are focused on easy arrests, ANPR & detection rates.

Christopher got taken on as a volunteer to look after a charity’s computers at the end of the programme. I hope his life improves.

You can catch the show on the BBC iPlayer for the next seven days. The people who should watch it are the very people who never will.

October 18th, 2010

Monday morning quarterbacking

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Footage from the dash-cam of a Louisiana police car in 2003, someone ends up getting shot.

Does the second video from another squad car’s camera change whatever opinion you’ve formed of the first video at all?

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Use your mouse to highlight the space between the arrows below to reveal what was in the suspect’s hands

>> a mobile phone <<

Does that alter your opinion any?

October 17th, 2010

The wrong way round, surely?

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Another clip from the States in which some twat rams a couple of police vehicles.

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October 16th, 2010

Not more?

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Just when you thought you’d heard the last of the disgraced little shite, former met Commander & all-round system-player & bully, Ali Dizaei makes the news again.

Dizaei was jailed for four years for corruption after assaulting & attempting to frame an innocent man following the man’s attempt to get Dizaei to stump up Ă‚ÂŁ600 for work he had done on Dizaei’s self-promoting website.

Following his conviction the prosecution has applied for costs. The prosecution felt there were grounds for Dizaei to cough up the Ă‚ÂŁ64,000 for their costs in the four week trial. Dizaei was on a salary of Ă‚ÂŁ90,000 a year & thought to possess all or a share in 3 homes worth around Ă‚ÂŁ1million.

Despite this, the court heard from his legal team (which included Michael Mansfield, who can charge up to £2,000 a day) that he was virtually penniless & could not afford to pay any prosecutions costs.

The court judged that he should pay a pitiful Ă‚ÂŁ750, and gave him four months to pay.

It seems that someone who has built a career on shafting people has been able to do it once again.

October 15th, 2010

Force suggestion schemes

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I’m submitting this one to mine as a way of saving money on equipment, officer time & training.

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October 14th, 2010

I’ll never know who you were, knobber

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It’s lucky I’m here to write an entry tonight.

I mentioned only two days ago that I often drive past my local police station. I didn’t realise how soon I’d be mentioning it on my blog again.

Within sight of the police station is a T-junction. There I was driving along the road & wanting to turn off the main road into a minor road. It’s a single carriageway meaning that if anyone wants to turn right, the traffic behind have to slow & wait until the turning car is out of the way.

So I approach the junction, I’m not travelling fast as I’ve just come off a roundabout no more than 50 yards back, I signal right, pull towards the centre of the road & wait for an oncoming car to pass the junction so I can turn into it. Luckily, I was in first gear as I waited, not very long, maybe 6 or 7 seconds.

Meanwhile a car behind me has come off the roundabout & is coming towards the back of my vehicle. I see him in my mirror & then glance back to the car which is just about to pass the junction to my right. Then I hear an almighty screech of tyres behind me, look up just quick enough to see the car behind me skidding uncontrollably towards my rear end. The car on the other side of the road is just clearing the junction. I gun the car forward as fast as I can & shoot into the junction just in time to see the arsehole behind me skidding through the space my car just occupied, then release his brakes & carry on his merry way.

When I drove back that way later, the skid marks were still clear & bold, the only testament to my near-death experience.

October 13th, 2010

Buzzing down under

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The Australian Police have been using Tasers for a similar amount of time as the UK. I expect they have the same problems & criticism as everywhere else in the world.

The linked article on the Perth Now website, shows a short vieo from Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan to his troops in Western Australia advising against misuse of Tasers but importantly, offering his full support for officers who use them in  good faith to defend themselves or others.

Does anyone have any examples of a UK chief showing support for his or her officers?

October 12th, 2010

If you go down to the nick today

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Northern Constabulary is currently wringing its corporate hands at the prospect of having to close up to 16 police stations.

The force is responsible for policing the outreaches of Scotland, the Highlands, Orkneys, Shetland & Western Isles, probably the the remotest communities in these islands. The force have described the proposed cuts, which would include the loss of 25 officers & 50 civilian staff as “extraordinary” and “of a level not seen before”.

Clearly, they have no experience of the cuts in service around my force area. We have been closing police stations for years. I have spouted forth many times before on the lack of service to our local communities through the re-tasking of officers from front-line to specialist squads & newly-created  bean-counting departments. With this has gone the withdrawal of a service which once was open to any member of all communities 24-hours a day.

I drive past my local police station at various times in the week, day & night. Rarely do I see the lights on & someone behind the front desk ready to meet, greet & deal with anything the public want to discuss. More often than not I see people talking on the phone on the wall outside, probably to one of my colleagues in the control room who then has to arrange from an officer to come from the station in the next town, at some unspecified time later.

At least the police station is still there & does have some office capacity for a department or two who don’t deal with front-line service. In other towns the police stations have been sold for development. The constant mantra of serving the community seems to have been lost on the people who now expect the residents to drive to another town if they want to report something or discuss an issue at their local nick. It’s also been lost on the courts who are still bailing suspects to’sign on’ at police stations which are only open for a few hours a day. The phones in the control room ring all the time from people who have arrived to sign the bail register because the police station is closed, again.

When I saw the BBC report about Northern Constabulary, I was surprised they still had police stations to close.