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September 25th, 2010

Take aim, now where’s the foot?

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Oh dear.

Just as I was bemoaning the  fact that a lot of people turn a blind eye to antisocial behaviour either through fear of repercussions or a belief that it was someone else’s responsibility to do something about it, I read news which will put off even more people from doing their bit.

The Telegraph reports today on a story where Staffordshire Police have awarded a woman £99,000 in compensation after they negligently provided her details to neighbours who she had informed on regarding their antisocial behaviour & drugs use. After being promised anonymity she provided evidence to police which assisted in a  prosecution resulting in a nuisance family being  removed from her estate.

Clerical staff left the woman’s name on paperwork which was sent to the family concerned, her name was also read out in court. She had to move from her house over 2 years ago for fear of problems & has been staying in hotels, guesthouses & rented accommodation since. Her son is a police officer.

For goodness’ sake, is it any wonder we have such a struggle?