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September 22nd, 2010

And another one

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I love a good compensation story, it usually just shows you what is wrong in current society. It seems the done thing to blame your own limitations on someone else these days. Personal liability has been pushed out the window tied to a very heavy anvil.

So news that Strathclyde is being taken to tribunal by a failed PC comes as no surprise.

A female officer is trying to take her former employers to court after she lost her job from the force during her two years’ training period. She claims age & sex discrimination citing an occasion when one of her trainers told her to remove make-up & another asked her if she had brought her crayons to work. A judge is due to decide whether she can go ahead with her case later in the year.

I was reminded of an Asian PC who was moved from shift to shift because nobody wanted him, people were too scared to get him sacked fearing retribution through the civil court. Eventually someone realised that just moving him to a different shift every time was doing no favours to him, his shift, or the public. Moves were put in place to sack him, this is done by making sure every ‘i’ is triple dotted & every ‘t’ has more crosses than a spot-the-ball competition – nobody wants to be on the wrong end of a law suit.

The PC was duly sacked, not fit for purpose. He sued citing racial discrimination. He lost. It seemed everyone except him realised he was not sacked because people didn;t like him, he was sacked because he was bloody useless at the job.