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September 16th, 2010

You can’t photograph me, I know my rights

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Don’t ya love human rights?

The latest protection the human rights lot are spouting for the protection of criminals comes today from Northern Ireland.

Following the Belfast riots this summer the Police Service of Northern Ireland published photos of 23 people they wanted to identify in their investigations to pursue those responsible for violent behaviour.

The Policing Board of Northern Ireland has taken legal advice in relation to the tactic & told the police not to do it again if there is any prospect that the those pictured are under the age of 18, because “it would breach their human rights”. Presumably that’s the right to lob bricks at people’s heads & get away with it.

In another case, police issued over 200 photos of people wanted for public order & violence offences. As a result they made 150 arrests & of those 145 were either charged or reported. 40 of those were found to be under 18. The PSNI have been told not to use this method of investigation unless there are exceptional circumstances.