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September 15th, 2010

Chips with everything

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Ten months ago, 21-year-old Hannah Orpin was standing in a queue at a burger van when her life changed.

She had been taken with some friends to the Log Cabin burger van in Woodford, Essex, after a night out.

She was served by a 21-year-old female who, Hannah alleges, became sarcastic to her her friends when they asked where their order was.

She is alleged to have said: “If you want a burger, have a burger”, & threw a burger at one of Hannah’s friends. Hannah says she herself then picked up a cup of garlic sauce & threw it at the burger girl.

What happened next almost beggars belief. The unnamed burger girl then picked up the chip pan full of hot fat &  threw it in Hannah’s face.

Hannah’s father rushed across from his car, as Hannah desperately tried to splash water on her face from a puddle, to find the burger girl emerging from behind the counter with another pot of boiling oil ready to throw it at Hannah. He managed to knock it out of her hands.

Two RAC patrolmen doused Hannah in water from their vans. She was rushed to hospital by her father.

A photograph of her injuries appeared in the Sunday Mirror this week & was quite horrendous so I’m not reproducing it here.

The attacker appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court recently where she suffered the full weight of the law; she was handed a prison sentence of 12 months for GBH  & other offences – the sentence was suspended.

Hannah said: “I can’t believe she got off so lightly.”

I wish I could say I agree with her, sadly its not as surprising as the offender’s actions.