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September 11th, 2010


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Today marks the ninth anniversary of the mass murder at the World Trade Center. Is it really 9 years?

How the world has changed as a direct result of that one incident.

I heard on the radio today some ex Secret Service guy saying how, in the years before 9/11, the Yanks had 10 chances to take out Bin Laden, but the president declined to authorise action fearing collateral damage or bad publicity.

I was off on the 9th September that year along with millions of others watched events unfold in real time.

I was in close contact with several American Officers within a couple of days was able to listen to some of the recordings from officers on their radios from within the World Trade Center before it collapsed.

I recall one particular recording of a female officer trapped struggling to breathe. It was gut-wrenching listening knowing she died along with so many others.

There were 341 New York City Firefighters killed plus 2 NYFD paramedics, 37 Port Authority police officers, 23 NYPD officers plus 8 EMTs & paramedics from private companies who were killed that day.

I think today should be a day when people reflect on the fact that no matter what happens, there are a small group of people, mainly in the emergency services, who, when everyone else is running away from something, will run towards it.