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September 7th, 2010


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An update on one of my previous stories from August where police officers from Greater Manchester were forced to watch offenders ride off into the sunset on 3 stolen motorcycles because of  a policy not to pursue motorcyclists incase they fall off & hurt themselves; the thieves were not wearing helmets or safety equipment.

24-year-old Bobby Carl Hodgkins was later arrested on suspicion of being involved in the theft of the motorcycles. He was bailed to appear back at the police station on September 10th.

In a classic case of what goes around comes around Hodgkins was killed this week when a Kawasaki 450 he was riding collided with a van in Wythenshawe. The bike had been stolen during a similar raid on  premises to the one he was on bail for on 26th August in Audenshaw. Hodgkins was not wearing a helmet, again, and died of head injuries, well there’s a thing.