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September 1st, 2010


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Writing, as I did recently, about the Gardas recent attempts to break the world handcuff record for charity, reminded me of my own charitable exploits.

I recall a while back popping up to the local A &  E asking to borrow a nurses uniform. We decided it would be a good idea to do a fun run dressed as nurses. While I was in the bowels of the hospital trying to locate an NHS dress that would fit a 17 stone 6′ 3″ bloke, we stupidly asked to borrow a stretcher too.

After about a quarter of a mile of running whilst transporting an over-sized teddy on a stretcher, we quickly realised that the fun part of fun-run was something of a misnomer. Why do these ideas seem so good at the time?

Five miles later fun was about as far from my mind as shoving half a ton of broken bottles up my backside. Still, it was all for charideee.