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August 16th, 2010

There goes my baby

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News today that will surprise nobody in the police, in the UK at least.

Officers from Greater├é┬áManchester├é┬áhad to watch├é┬áthieves├é┬áride off on 3 motorbikes worth ├é┬ú20,000 because they were not allowed to pursue them as the├é┬áthieves├é┬ádidn’t have crash helmets on.

Take a look at the news clip on the BBC website to see the owner’s dismay. Clearly the reason for the policy is in case the riders come off & hurt or kill themselves, obviously, this will be the fault of the police & everyone will be calling for officers to be suspended, prosecuted & sacked, unless it is their bike, apparently.

The news story glosses over the fact that actually, it doesn’t have much to do with the thieves riding off into the sunset on their ill-gotten goodies without safety equipment, the chances are that even if they did have helmets & leathers, the officers would have been told not to pursue.

The daily Mail readers shouldn’t be surprised, since it is their actions over recent times which have caused bosses to create policies which won;t have their asses on the line.