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August 10th, 2010

A worthy winner

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MarcKnightThis is a photo of particularly worthy winner of the 200 Weeks ‘Scum of the Week Award’, Marc Knight, 25.

He was befriended by 87-year-old retired vicar, Kenneth Ward, who allowed Knight to sleep on his sofa when he had nowhere to live. He also lent Knight money. Over a period of four years, Knight visited the Rev Ward & his wife, who has since died.

In February this year, whilst visiting, Knight saw some money & told Rev Ward that he was going to take it. When Rev Ward refused to let him have the mney, Knight began a viscious & sustained attack, during which he punched the elderly man twice on both sides of his face breaking his jaw in two places. He had other injuries to his face, head, arms & hands.

Knight then left his victim lying, bleeding in the hall while he ransacked the house stealing jewellery, alcohol & the vicar’s father’s £800 watch.

Knight was later arrested & charged with robbery. He pleaded not guilty in April this year claiming self defence & was bailed for trial at Northampton Crown Court where he appeared this week. He changed his plea to guilty on the day of the trial & has been sentenced to 9 years jail.

Rev Ward, who is the National Chaplain of the D-Day Normandy Veteran’s Association, said: “My wife and I had befriended him for four years. We had spoken to him first when we were out in the garden. He visited us regularly. We gave him food and drink and he slept on the sofa once. We gave him small amounts of money, but he never repaid them. When my wife Peggy died last year he called to say how sorry he was. In February he saw the money on the side and said he would take it. When I said “No” he attacked me. It lasted for an hour.”