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August 9th, 2010

Cut the crap & give us the evidence

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I reported recently about some local authorities deciding to scrap speed cameras now that they have to save millions, like everyone else, & the government are cutting funds available for speed cameras by a third, or something.

I see today that the info is starting to filter through to the chiefs. They’ve probably spent the days between everyone else finding out about it & them announcing anything, trawling through their corporate guidelines working out what they can & can’t say.

Julie Spence, Chief of Cambridgeshire, probably has less to worry about than most as she’s retiring later this year & doesn’t need to worry about renegotiating her contract. She just says that speeders are middle class louts who think they should get away with it.

I don’t mention Gwent Police for years & then do it two days running.

Mick Giannasi, Chief of Gwent is in the media today saying that the funding cuts for speed cameras will have ‘unintended consequences’. These consequences, he says, will be a rise in the number of road deaths. He was on the BBC News today saying that if speed cameras are removed, they should be replaced with something as equally effective.

Here’s an off-the-wall suggestion for Mr Giannasi which might even have legs. Stop redeploying your traffic officers to other roles, duties & squads. Stop getting those that still exist going out to do meaningless arrest enquiries which boost your ‘success’ figures & have nothing to do with increasing safety on the roads. Stop getting them sitting under ANPR cameras so you can get  a small percentage of arrests from all the wasteful & out-of-date intelligence held on ANPR systems, and go & get them driving up & down the roads of the UK, educating motorists & catching the idiots who are more likely to be a greater menace on the roads than Mrs Blessington-Smythe who drives at 37 in a 30.

And while you’re at it, please provide some definitive evidence that the roads are safer with speed cameras than with police officers because wherever I look everyone seems to have different ‘proof’. It’s no wonder people think so poorly of speed cameras, nobody believes they are anything more than easy revenue raisers. If they do a job successfully, you have not & are not doing a particularly good PR job for them.