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August 3rd, 2010


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You’d have thought with around 25 years’ experience being married to a police officer who spent 100% of those years on a full 24-hour shift system & 1 year of being married to a  civvy who still works the same shift system, that Mrs weeks would have some appreciation of the requirement for her grumpier half to have some sleep on a night shift.

So why she organised builders to come on the week that I’m doing night shift, I have no idea.

Suffice it to say that the sound of angle grinders & sledge hammer whackings have not enhanced my quality of life this week.

I can out up with the kids being on holiday. I can even put up with the occasional stirrings to  fish-wife reminiscent strains of  “WILL YOU BE QUIET, YOUR FATHER IS SLEEPING!!!”  which wake me where the kids’ arguments have not.

But even one so experienced to sleeping through most things cannot compete with an angle-grinder outside the bloody window.

Roll on the weekend.