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August 1st, 2010

Would you shut the …

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I went out for a nice meal with the family this evening.

We went to a pub which has become quite familiar to us since my retirement. We chatted, joked & laughed & discussed our forthcoming holiday, & the arrangements we need to make between now & then.

I doubt anyone in the pub paid any attention to use, & though there were 5 of us, I doubt anyone heard anything of what we said, because we speak in the normal voices of people who want the conversation to be restricted to those taking part.

Unlike the bloody bloke 2 tables away who spent the entire night regaling the entire bloody pub with the ins & outs of his banal life because he couldn’t talk at anything under 118 decibels. He wasn’t even pissed, just bloody loud.

I now know that his brother was arrested for offensive weapon when all he was doing was picking up a snooker cue from the gutter so nobody else used it. I know the operation on his dog’s front paw cost Ă‚ÂŁ650 & maxed his wife’s credit card out. I know all about the trouble he had with the builders who were clearly just bloody lazy & taking him for a ride.

It was just non-stop, like really bad tinnitus.

What is it with people that feel they need to talk like they’re in the front row  at a Led Zeppelin concert?

Half-past three last night some neighbours said goodbye to their guests. I heard every bloody word & their house is 4 houses up from mine.

Can’t people just shut the fuck up?