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July 27th, 2010

It’s not all bad

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With all the hand-wringing worrying about whether the P45 is imminent, it’s nice to see that at least one group will be celebrating the government cutbacks.

Motorists, or a large proportion of motorists, will no doubt be celebrating the news that the new financial measures will mean speed cameras may go.

The new government is flashing 40% off the funding bill which may cause authorities to withdraw cameras from service.

Oxfordshire council is considering the removal of some or all of its 79 cameras. Devon, Cornwall, Northamptonshire & Somerset are also considering the removal of equipment.

The budget cuts amount to a saving of £38million a year.

Of course, views will be split on the issue. Supporters say this can only lead to an increase of deaths on the roads, while others see it as an effort to show less importance on relying on the motorist as an easy target for tax-dollars; it is estimated that speed cameras bring on £100million a year into the exchequer.

Having written this earlier today I saw on the 6 O’clock news that the AA are saying their last survey of 15,000 members found that nearly 70% of them were happy with speed cameras. So perhaps people really will be annoyed if the cameras disappear. I don;t think I’m one of them though.